Collection: Treadstone Intercoolers

Treadstone intercoolers are world renown front mount intercoolers fabricated here in the USA and are made of high-grade T6061 Aluminum bar and plate construction. Our high-grade intercooler end tanks are cast aluminum and designed to distribute even airflow and low-pressure drops. All of our intercoolers are pressure checked to 150 psi and come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Treadstone intercoolers are the most efficient air-to-air intercoolers in the market. We offer a broad range of prestige front mount intercooler units such as; air to air intercoolers, complete intercoolers with intercooler end tanks and CNC lips, we have intercooler cores and water-to-air intercoolers. This is your premier turbo intercooler with the most bang for your buck.

Stay cool with the best, run a Treadstone Intercooler.